Liber8 - Development Licence

Liber8TM is our full service Development  licence for corporate users that creates a browser environment both capable of resolving searches entered into the address bar of the browser and to provide a search facility increasing the precision of any search undertaken.

This product is designed to improve the:

  • functionality of the browser as a search tool
  • channeling of customers through corporate websites and click through speeds
  • specificity of a search query
  • accuracy of natural language searches
  • time taken for data retrieval
  • e-branding and market segmentation by being independent of existing search enhancement strategies.

Register your interest now in Liber8 and benefit from an introductory fee.  Liber8 provides an excellent data retrieval environment for internet, extranet and intranet users and an enhanced brand management tool.

Technical note for web masters: the parsing of error messages to resolve web address infringes the M4siz patent and thus requires an annual licence to be purchased for each website visited by users. URL’s using the format without a direct reference to a recognized web site page infringes the patent. Thus if you are currently using this facility and your web server uses error handling to point at the correct page you could be infringing our patent. If you are unclear about your status please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our use the contact query page on this site.