Infringement notice

Authenticity of the Infringement Notification

We send out our Infringement Notice letters through terrestrial postal services to ensure that the letters are received at the correct location.

The Infringement Notice provides a you with clear information about the infringement of our patents by your company based on the use of non-compliant URL's or web addresses.

All Infringement Notice letters are addressed personally to the Company Secretary of the Company or other named senior officer of the organisation.

The letter is stamped in red letters "Important Legal Notice" and will look like this:


legal noticeIt is labeled this way to ensure that it can be identified within any organization's mail systems that it should be dealt with promptly. 

The letter will detail the the results of our preliminary research of your site or of identified traditional or digital media use of abbreviated web addresses by your company and the expectation that a License fee will be paid for the use of the patented intellectual property. 

The Infringement Notice is the first stage of the process to re-claim settlement  license for past infringement.

What happens next

Once you receive the Infringement Notification you should seek advice before you reply to us and ascertain you understand the basis of your infringement and the legal consequences of using our patented intellectual property.

Having taken legal advice you should acknowledge the letter within the time period provided to ensure that your infringement does not pass to the next stage in the process.

When we have receive your acknowledgement we will provide you with a link that will allow us to gather some further information about your company.   Providing this information allows us to formulate the most cost-effective license fee for your organization.

Failure to respond

Should you not respond to our Infringement Notice a M4siz representative will call to discuss your case.   Should it prove impossible to resolve the claim at this stage then your case will be forwarded to our legal team for further action.