Cloud based solutions and VOIP Telephony

At M4siz our lives revolve around technology, inventing and creating stuff. Our Cloud and VOIP systems offer some of the most advanced best of breed solutions to our clients. As a Microsoft Partner we are backed by one of the largest business improvement organisations in thr world and not simply an IT provider.


Cloud Systems development

Would it not be great to simplify your staff engagement and induction processes? Are you constantly worried about getting the right staff engagement up-to-speed quickly to achieve your corporate performance gains. The deployment of our services can integrate the access of staff to the information they require at the click of a mouse or the tapping of an App. When combined with bespoke or tailored Apps you can quickly disseminate information 24hrs a day and mobile applications allow REAL-TIME access to information and the data when you are on the go. Our skills base can assist your new product development or product upgrade requirements with a range of software and hardware solutions.  Our Cloud based systems allow you to migrate the management of your distributed equipment along with remote maintenance services to improve your customer relationship and business intelligence gathering.

Harnessing the power of your client information and business intelligence systems in REAL TIME can offer you operational advantages as well as reviewing the data streams coming into your business to mmonitor trends and potentially new business ooportunities. Realising their potential is key to any dynamic and growing business.

Epic stuff to do with data and Azure

Azure brings together a suite of tools thaat improve collaboration and decision making. It also makes for streamlined use of vurtual servers rather than having to invest in expensive on-premise servers that need to be upgraded regularly to deal with the huge amounts of data acquisition. Azure allows you to expand and reduce your virtual server usage and requiremnts to provide an extremely cost effective dedicated cloud tool. It does this without compromising data access and indeed improved the security of the data being collected and processed. To read more and download you free guide click the article header.

Web Services

A host of services and maintenance products that scale with your business. We will even give you an introductory discount for the first year of a multi-annual plan

Logo specifiedIT 

In addition to our Microsoft range of Azure Cloud services M4siz offers it own range of web services through its own dedicated brand "SpecifiedIT".   "Stand out from the Cloud" with the range of M4siz and  SpecifiedIT services that incorporate the power of corporate computing but through a range of adaptable and scalable hosting packages that grow with your business.    So, whether you are just setting up a basic website to full professional dedicated services we have a solution for you.


PCB & Firmware Development

Bespoke integrated circuits free your products to make the most of the technology you have access to. Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacturing services can help imporve product performance or dramatically reduce manufacturing costs.

This offer includes:

  1. Discovery process and Project Management systems
  2. Integrated hardware architecture consultancy
  3. Sprint-based design and development
  4. Bespoke development of software solutions
  5. micro-component hardware solutions to complement elegant design solutions
  6. full range of software language coverage