40% of business hit by disaster never reopen (Get help now)

Data is everywhere and the volume of data businesses generate is growing at 1000% a year.   What would happen to your business if you lost your key data?

We have all experienced the frustration of losing a file or it being corrupted in some way making it useless and having to start again.    What happens if this is just not one file but a complete data set or multiple data sets relating to your CRM or financial data.

Well the answer is surprisingly easy to acquire and you can quickly move from "what storage volume do I need" and "how many times should I backup the data"  to questions like: How fast do I need to access the data; do I need local redundant storage or Geo-redundant storage; what are my governance constraints ...... you quickly understand the storage needs of your business and the importance of certain types of data rather than imply as an IT solution.  More importantly you can begin to see how best storage and backup can improve how your organisation accesses and uses data and information to drive the profitability of your business.