Is this how your landline feels?

Have you thought about your landline recently?

Don't feel upset if your landline handset has seen better days through lack of use. Tired and unloved. The technology has been around for 1800s and can be excused for its biggest problem its not mobile. Yes we all live in a digital world and demand that our telephone go anywhere with us. However, most landlines still make heavy weather of following you around when you are out of the office. With more and more people working remotely there has never been a better time to ditch the landline and move to VOIP. In our Blog The end of landlines we highlight the issues that modern businesses face with a highly mobile group of globalised employees and the growing cost of landline services and downtimes. VOIP is a more efficient way to manage your telecommunication requirements in a digital and globalised world. More information or to book a Discovery session with us is just a click away.

Landlines will soon be gone, at least as we know them.

Now that BT, the premier provider of infrastructure in the UK, has announced the ending of all analogue services using landlines by 2025. There has never been a better time to move away from the recurrent capital-intensive investment i traditional phone systems and move to lower cost revenue managed scalable telephone networks. Now rather than dreaming about your office phone following you around the world wherever business or pleasure takes you-it is possible. With a few clicks of a button, you are liberated from your desk in a gloomy office. Fully equipped to build your business and enjoy life. Our fantastic technology allows you to manage incoming and outgoing calls to offer you a new dimension in work-life balance.

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