Are your IT systems being a pain ..... again

We understand your frustration. However, we love coming up with solutions and we developed a product just to help you. As most people are busy running their businesses and meeting the day-to-day challenges of comepttition we know you just want your IT and telecom systems to work when you most need them. Our experience is that most people now something about IT but not enough to avoid the traps, like trying to get software to mirror your processes out of the box. All systems need to integrated with your business goals. Fortunately, we have a solution.

I can hear you asking, "why M4siz and I can't even pronouce their brand". Well, we are a IT company with a globally branded service and product base that is able to provide you with a range of product and service solutions. To ensure we tailor our offer to you correctly we have a solution. It is called Discovery. It is the starting point for all our solutons based processes. This session audits the alignment of your IT infrastrcuture and office solutions to your business goals. What is more we are currently offering these sessions FREE to prospective clients. Oh and by the way it is pronouced Emfoursize - because we put you first and EMPHASIZE your busniess needs.

If you have a specific telecoms or IT issue and you need immediate support, please advise us at the time of booking as we may have to provide you with one of our technical team. Discovery is not meant to be a substitute for an immediate technical support issue. For example if you trapped in data migration between old and new systems, then this requires a dedicated technical solution. We can still help but ...

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Your Discovery Session will gather information on your challenges and issues as well as what is working well for you. The “clever bunnies” at M4siz will ensure that your organisation is well positioned to capture the benefits of great collaborative working and customer service.

Discovery is process we go through to give us on overview of your business goals and your current IT solutions. From this discussion we can build up a picture of any cybersecurity issues, integration of telecoms and office software and any resources that can be brought on stream that will helps your streamline your busniess and let you capture your goals.

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