Window 10 and 10S

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK continues to support all security conscious businesses to migrate any legacy windows systems they currently operate to Windows 10. Putting aside the fact that legacy systems such as Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and thus will not be patched or upgraded for cybersecurity loopholes that might emerge, Windows 10 benefits from its Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution. These systems can automatically benefit from system upgrades and performance improvements.

Windows 10S or more correctly Windows 10 in S mode, is a specially developed version of Windows 10 that is streamlined for security and performance. So, if you have a particular need for higher security oversight of your computer systems then !0S is the way to go.

The NCSC recommendations complement the continuing growth cyber attacks on personal as well as corporate computing environment. As Windows 10 upgrades are readily accessible and allow users to benefit from a range of on-going development work by Microsoft to ensure a secure and safe computing environment for users.

There is estimated to be well over 440 million users who purchased Windows 7 mainly through the purchase of computers or computer systems. Therefore, it is entirely possible that many users may simply not appreciate that their computer is running a non-supported windows environment and not aware f the need to update. The other reason might be that a legacy software has been used as an embedded firmware for a product range. In this case it not a simple decision as it will involve investment decisions relating to product lifecycles and the costs to upgrade and test the updated product.

However, in this complex and globalised world in which we live where the daily threat levels is rising and the impact arising from a successful cybersecurity attacks and threats to business continuity it is important to remain vigilant.

If you need further guidance on upgrading to Window10 or even estabilishing the threat to your business from legacy systems then please contact us about the benefits of our Discovery process.

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