Public venues to be held accountable

Following the recent London Bridge incident, Boris Johnson has committed a new Tory government to introduce "Martyn's Law". The law would be named in the of honour Martyn Hett, a victim of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

Martyn's Law would create a legal responsibility on managers of public venues to have a plan to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks.

Given the threat environment that is currently faced by UK citizens this legislation would move organisational planning away from existing simple risk management. The new legal concept would involve oganisations actively preparing to reduce their vulnerability to terrorist attack.

Such legislation will need a range of planning and preventive technologies to categorize and mitigate the risks identified. In addition, there may well a requirement for organisation to invest in new technology and actively manage facility security. This introduces real challenges in managing footfall and the management of visitor flows in open access venues.

About the author

James Ling, is Technical Solutions Director at M4siz Limited, a manufacturer and developer of image analysis and security detection systems