Boosting your internal ROI

If all the Fortune 500 companies were to improve the efficiency of their internal search engines and the precision of their search results, then the sector could save $23 billion in performance uplift.   Similar savings can be made in SMEs at all levels, salaried staff engaged in using information, and could provide annual performance uplifts of tens of thousands of pounds for companies, and for larger companies several million pounds.

Using an M4siz approach to improving the precision of your search can help towards reducing the amount of time wasted each day searching rather than generating profit. To discuss streamlining your query management and information retrieval processes and benefit from our Discovery day consultation get in contact today.




Research has shown that on average employees lose 7.65hrs looking for information and can spend as much as 9 hours a week searching for information. Astonishingly this might end up with an 85% failure rate! Google reviewed this approach in their research report on internal search performance1.


How much time do you spend searching for critical information, then have to re-create it because it cannot be easily found?  Indeed, even if you need a document for a meeting then your staff may be collectively diverted from more profitable work to find or recreate the information or report you require.


Wouldn't you want to save expensive salaried time wasted searching for information on your intranet?   More importantly, if your employees cannot find the information they need to support the business and the brand how will that reflect on the current effectiveness and performance required to maintain your customer service standards?